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(204 cm heigth x 74 length x 26 diameter)

Gramophone trumpet, copper brass fire hydrant hoses, brass gaskets, marble. It stands out, it reminds us of the past but represents a new, refined, exclusive modernity.

The sun

(48 cm heigth, 50 cm diameter)

Made of: copper and fiberglass. Warmth, positive energies, passion, life, consistency: light up the day and wait patiently for the night to pass to appear again. Reassuring, eternal presence.

(215 cm heigth x 55 length x 32 base diameter)
Made of: milk bucket, fabric, iron. The lightness of becoming a child again by scrutinizing the sky and colored balloons: in this creation we find family, play, design, variety (each MongolfierLight is equipped with 4 different types of coloured fabric).
The Ostrich
(220 cm heigth x 76 length x 52 base diameter)
Made of: iron and leather horse saddle. The gracefulness of the ostrich combined with the strength of the horse: the result is harmony and determination. Warm light to embellish an industrial loft.
(156 cm heigth x 22 base diameter)
Made of: coffeepot, copper brass fire hydrant hoses, aluminium balls, disc brake. Elegance, lightness, family, warm light: coffee brings together, the uniqueness of the style distinguishes.
(127 cm height x 62 length x 38 diametro base)
Made of: stone, pressed tinplate, copper brass fire hydrant tube, iron, glass balls, brass gaskets. Style and design, shyness but conscious strength and a watchful eye on what’s going on around.

(148 cm height x 65 length x 51 base diameter)

Made of: copper car radiator, steel drill, brass gaskets. The fish that comes out of the water is majestic, a rare creation with a high emotional impact.